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Whether you have a single location or multi-unit chain, Max Packaging has the capability to customize product for you. Our system allows the customer to choose from any of our stock components and specify a combination of items that works best. Our Streamline kits can get you started for as little as 10 cases.

For our customers with a little more usage, we can incorporate your logo onto either a printed napkin or printed film. These programs begin with only a 50 case minimun for napkins, and 25 case minimum production run for film. We also offer custom cards that can turn your kits into effective marketing platforms. These cards could include: contact information, mini-menus, promotions, and more!

All Max Packaging products are sold through our extensive, national distribution network. We will work with you and your distributor sales rep on finding just the right product for you. With a national network of reps, we are ready to assist you with turing your ideas into an amazing kit!

Experience | With Max Packaging, you get years of experience and efficiency to provide exceptional products.
Make it your own | Branding capabilities allow you to add a special level of professionalism to your business. Even logos are possible with our custom kits.
Closer than you think | We know how important staying in touch can be. Our national network of reps keeps Max Packaging just around the corner. Click here to locate yours.